Electron Microscopy
Electron Cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM) is emerging as a powerful technique for determining the 3D structure of biomolecules or assemblies in close to their native condition. It is one of the principal technologies in the NCPSS. The long-term goal of our analytical cryo-EM system is to set up the infrastructure for efficient and routine high-resolution structural determination of macromolecular complexes by cryo-EM and computational 3D reconstruction. We will explore the application of cutting-edge hardware development in illumination and image recording, and also devote to the development of novel image analysis and modeling methodologies. 
The analytical cryo-EM system at NCPSS is equipped with three cutting-edge cryo-EM instruments, including a 300 kV FEG Titan Krios (equipped with Cs corrector, Falcon direct detection camera and Gatan GIF energy filter), a 200 kV FEG TF20 and a 120 kV LaB6 TF20. In addition, our sample preparation module and high-end computing module allow us to routinely carry out cryo-sample plunge freezing, high-pressure freezing, ultra-thin sectioning, parallel computing and data storage. With all these setups, we can support the large range of cryo-EM applications for the researchers from all over the nation and the worldwide.
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