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Large-scale Protein Production

Scientists and industrial user increasingly require all kinds of protein sample for research and industry use. However, protein expression is considered to be a complicated, high costs and time-consuming and resource commitments process. In this system, we develop five big automation system with software, instrumentation and biology integrate together to automate protein expression process (including cloning, protein expression and purification) and  greatly improve efficiency.

We fully automated protein expression, from gene to protein. Beginning with polymerase chain reaction (PCR), sub-cloning, cell growth, expression induction,  expression (We build Ecoli, insect cell and mammalian protein expression system), and finally end in protein purification and characterization in parallel.
The robotic system described here was able to perform a matrix approach to protein expression –involving the investigation of multiple combinations of expression constructs, vectors, hosts, conditions and so on, instead of attempting different expression strategies one after the other in an iterative process in the lab. The system has the capacity to build thousands of expression vector per day and express genes of interest in 3 different system to identify the best strategies for optimum expression of proteins and this level of expression processing capability has hitherto been unattainable manually. 
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