Animal Facility

Database & Computation is responsible for the building, management and maintenance of software and hardware of the information center, implementation of the information planning, formulation of information development planning, and establishment of sound database and computation center.

As the information technology supporting department of NCPSS, the system is aiming at advancing the information construction of scientific studies and the scientific research management centered on building shared mechanism, mainly focuses on integrating resources, and adopts  At present, it is combined by 3 technology platform-----cloud computing platform, cloud storage platform and cloud management platform which are adopted to building the sound information management for the NCPPS. Since its establishment, the system has utilized world's leading technology to build a shareable, safe and efficient database&computation system which provides efficient information service for management decisions, and therefore, the 9 systems of the center can be integrated into the same platform and promote the protein sciences development.
Staff here adhere to serve all users in NCPSS as their own duty. The system is engaged in creating  a national infrastructure information system model, and promoting protein sciences and even the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry in China. Combined with all the other departments’ efforts, the system is devoted itself to build an advanced global technology platform and an internationally competitive research center for protein science.
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