A Lecture Titled ‘Learn about Baymax in our lives: the Mass-Spectrometry Technology’ Successfully Presented in National Center for Protein Science

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On the afternoon of September 25, a lecture titled ‘Learn about Baymax in our lives: the Mass-Spectrometry Technology’ was successfully presented in National Center for Protein Science Shanghai (NCPSS) by Dr. Catherine Wong.

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The event was held at the auditorium of NCPSS. Dr. Wong, the Assistant Director of NCPSS and Section Chief of Mass Spectrometry, gave a lecture titled ‘Learn about Baymax in our lives, the Mass-Spectrometry Technology’, which attracted more than one hundred audiences from Qingpu No. 1 Middle School, Shanghai Tech University and other organizations. This lecture is a part of the science seminar series sponsored by Shanghai Science Communication Forum and it is the third lecture held by NCPSS in this year.


Dr. Ming Lei, Director of NCPSS, addressed at the beginning of the event to welcome all the visitors and he hoped all students could have the opportunity to communicate with scientists through this seminar, learn more about MS and protein sciences. On the other hand, Dr. Lei hoped scientists could take the opportunity such as Shanghai Science Communication Forum to make frontier scientific research easier and friendlier to the public and therefore make a great contribution for science popularization.


How to guarantee a 100 percent of excision of cancer tissue during surgery? How to make a disease screening for newborns? How to know if the lamb sold in Hot Pot Restaurant is genuine lamb? How does a legal medical expert know which kind of poison killed the victim? How to determine the PM 2.5 value? How to know if there is life in Mars? Started with these questions in our lives, Dr. Wong introduced the MS by the general application of this technology and kindly led audiences into the field of Mass-spectrometry. In the Q&A part, various questions were proposed and addressed in an interactive atmosphere. After the lecture, students enjoyed a fantastic tour to the core facility in NCPSS to get a close contact with large-scale scientific facility. The audiences showed great interest and enthusiasm to the Mass-spectrometry technology and life sciences and were looking forward to the future events.

Dr. Ming Lei addressed at the beginning of the event.

Dr. Catherine Wong presented the lecture.

Visitors were listening to the lecture.

Dr. Catherine Wong answered questions.

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