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May 30
The Frontier NCPSS Series - 2015 NMR Forum and Summer School for Protein NMR and Drug Discovery----first announcement
Haike Rd.campus

Dear colleagues,

We cordially invite you to participate in The Frontier NCPSS Series - 2015 NMR Forum and Summer School for Protein NMR and Drug Discovery to be held in Shanghai, China. This is an inaugural conference to be hosted by the National Center for Protein Science Shanghai (NCPSS), SIBCB, SIBS. The meeting will include a 3-day NMR Workshop (May 30 – June 1, 2015) and a 1-day Symposium (June 2, 2015).


Registration is open at http://frontier.ncpss.org/meeting/index.asp?id=18 or click Go to the conference website


Aims and Scope
The aim of the symposium is to promote the application of NMR in protein research in China. We invited world’s top experts in the field of Protein NMR from USA, Germany, Japan and China to present their researches as well as their thoughts on the future of NMR technology development. The symposium will provide unique opportunities for graduate students, postdocs and young scientists to discuss their research with the top international players in the field.


The workshop is designed to learn NMR theories and the latest NMR methodology and computational methods for characterizing protein structures and dynamics. In parallel, dedicated sessions will address the role of protein NMR in Drug Discovery with lectures on mapping drug interactions and fragment based screening for researchers in biotech and pharmaceutical industries.


Symposium and Forum (June 2, 2015)

Engage in discussion of future of protein NMR with

Ad Bax (NIH, USA)

Arthur Palmer (Columbia, USA)

James Chou (NCPSS, China; Harvard, USA)

Masatsune Kainosho (TMU, Japan)

Michael Sattler (TUM, Germany)

Gerhard Wagner (Harvard, USA)

Shi Yunyu (USTC, China)


Theory and Workshops (May 30-June 1, 2015)

Learn about NMR theories and the latest protocols in Rapid Resonance Assignments of small and large proteins Measurements of NOE, PRE, RDC

Structure Calculation

Dynamics and Conformational Exchange Mapping drug interactions

Fragment based screening

Committed Instructors:

Arthur Palmer (Columbia, USA): NMR Theory

James Chou (NCPSS, China; Harvard, USA): NMR Application

Frank Delaglio (nmrscience, USA): Data Processing

Charles Schweiter (NIH, USA): Structure Calculation

Ruan Ke (USTC, China): Drug Discovery

Hari Arthanari (Harvard, USA): Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions

Clemens Anklin (Bruker, USA)

Daniel Mathieu (Bruker, Germany)



One-on-One consultation and project evaluation with the experts

State-of-the-Art technology workshop on Protein NMR and Drug Discovery

We very much hope you are able to accept our invitation to attend this meeting. The workshop/symposium is the ideal forum for all the participants to interact intensely, fostering wider collaborations and the use of novel NMR technologies.


Best Regards,

The organizing Committee

The 1st NMR Forum and 2015 Summer School of NMR and Drug Discovery

National Center for Protein Science Shanghai (NCPSS),

Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology,

Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Email: frontier@ncpss.org


333 Haike Road, Pudong District,
201210, Shanghai, P.R.China
Tel: 021-20778500
Email: ncpss@sibcb-ncpss.org